Ann-Marie Gillett

My current work explores various themes that give rise to vastly different imagery but are born from the same source—the natural world that exists around me on my 12-acre homestead. Both the cultivated and the wild elements of nature are a source of comfort, awe, and inspiration to me. Observing the subtle and dramatic changes that occur daily in my environment gives rise to a language of color relationships, textural surfaces, and morphing shapes and forms that I use in my work. These observations of my environment and the forces that work upon it have resulted in my exploring themes like gravity, growth and the passage of time. The past several years I have worked using a technique I developed that involves painting different color gradations and textures on artist tape and then cutting and arranging the tape to build up an image. Colored pencil, watercolor, marker and graphite are sometimes used to enhance the work. The methodical and contemplative nature of this work suits my process to intuitively make decisions and revise what I make as the image takes form.