Cindy Wilson

A colleague once said to me “You will always photograph because it is your passion.”

Photography has been the one constant in my life for over thirty years. When I am exploring visually I am searching for a place beyond words, connecting to an inner universe represented in visual metaphor.

I have always felt there is a power beyond the horizon, an excitement the draws me; I have felt this as a quest, to discover and unravel the mystery of my journey, and my journey is through photography.

Old friends, old places, a presence lingers, who will tell their stories if not I? This is an underlying passion in my life and in my work. Life is ephemeral, we forget the importance of fleeting moments of beauty, or never really saw them from the start. To this end, I have created photographic studies of physical vestiges of industry and vanishing ways of life. There is transcendence in their vulnerability, as there is in life itself.