Paul Murray

My photography remains a work in progress.  I am very much a visual traveler who interacts with people, places, objects and ideas on a variety of levels through several planes of vision that intersect with time and space.  At those intersections, I may capture a moment and portray it with my implied perspective.  The journeys to those intersections afford the opportunity to see, and perhaps become intrigued by what I am experiencing.
Although my perspective has been often reality-based, I acknowledge the subjective nature of what I portray in my images.  In James Agee's forward to Helen Levitt's photographic masterpiece, A Way of Seeing, he comments, "The artist's task is not to alter the world as the eye sees it...but to perceive the aesthetic reality within the actual world..." 

To the extent that my images enrich the experience and vision of others, I feel that I have achieved a way of communicating that is unique to me as a photographer.