19 on Paper, founded in 1986, is an organization of Southern New England artists who make works of art of or on pape. Members are painters, collage artists, printmakers, book-makers, photographers and sculptors who also exhibit individually.

In the Spring of 1986 two artists decided to form a Rhode Island based artists' group whose purpose was "to provide a cohesive structure for the presentation of works on paper by Rhode Island artists." When nineteen professional exhibiting artists responded to the call for colleagues, the name of the group became "19 on Paper". In the ensuing years the membership has expanded beyond Rhode Island, but the number of members has been maintained at approximately nineteen, although at times it has consisted of fewer than or more than nineteen.

Feeling strongly that the integrity of the individual's point of view should not be imposed upon, 19 on Paper believes that encouraging a diversity of approaches to works on paper energizes and enriches aesthetic expression. Not only are different mediums and techniques pursued, but also a variety of imagery, from realism to non-objective abstraction. Individually, the artists of 19 on Paper have exhibited worldwide in galleries and museums with several having been published in a variety of media.


19 on Paper's objective is to exhibit on local and national levels as a collective group through galleries, museums and public as well as private spaces. 19 on Paper also offers an Art For Lease Program. This service provides any corporation or institution with the opportunity to have Fine Art in the Work Place.



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