Kristin S Street

Ovo Series

The gesture is a recurring path; an avenue on which to begin a journey, the journey itself being punctuated by side trips along the way.  My method of working is instinctual.  Each mark is built with layers of strong, bold line, reinforcing the impression of structural form and overlaid by veils of delicate tracery and illusion.  These layers combine to enhance the sense of repetition, but it is the broad gesture that defines and directs each stroke and the layers of additional texture. 
Even when submerged in the physicality of the line, the memory of that motion builds and is experienced again and again on the page through recurring strokes.  The intensity with which I “relive’ a movement is tempered by the overlay of ghost gestures juxtaposed with the dominant line.  Each stroke and layer is separate, yet dependent upon the one preceding it to create a tension falling between voracity and vulnerability and reflecting an overall sense of strength and harmony.

Kristin S. Street

Ovo Series Study V

Ovo Series Study VI

Ovo Series Drop II

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