Kerry Smith


Much of my work is created from direct observation of a life model. While responding and recording as much information as I can before the allotted time ends the pose, I make an effort to gain semblance of the model. This rudimentary approach to gain this effect unites my free-wandering tendencies with purpose. On an earlier career path as a machinist I developed an appreciation of mechanical precision and polished craft. But after four years I became curious for a different pathway which eventually led me to become an artist. Now, I understand my way of making images is often a debate between being precise and imprecise, rational or irrational, having some knowledge and seeking bliss. The most satisfying images are achieved when there is an equilibrium of these components, in which discoveries beyond my intention are realized, where I find myself surprised or slightly bewildered.

After having lived most of my life in the southern states of the US, I now live in the wooded lands of rural Rhode Island where I share life with my wife, a dog, six cats, snow, and a forest of wild things.


Woman with Head Turned and Back

Forest with Clouds

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