Holly Gaboriault


My work is about telling stories, creating new folktales and new worlds. Archeology has been my first passion and I find inspiration in the traditions and folklore from different cultures. Crossing the bridge between words and images, as I do with mask and puppet making, one thing always affects another and triggers something new. Uncertainty is a good thing because it leads me to something new every time, because I do not plan out my pieces. I am a storyteller and my work is a mixture of faith, luck and maybe coincidence.

I first began exploring the collage medium a while a RISD and created Victorian dance cards It has given me the gift of editing, as a painter, and been a valuable tool for play. Without the outlet of collage, my paintings would not be where they are. My collage work began with creating Victorian comic strips and evolved into a series of Etiquette books: The Book of Quality, Volumes I and II, Le Drama des Poupees de Papier, a fortune cookie journal. My new series is Fashion Bestiary, and I am working to incorporate collage into my children’s books.
It serves to create work that constantly evolves the many mediums I work, weaving together both the two- and three- dimensional.

 I understand the world is a strange and serendipitous place and my work embraces this.


Pardon I


Bestiary I

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